Any advice for a new blogger like me?

As I mark my one-year anniversary as president and CEO of Providence Health & Services, I am excited to do more to celebrate the many ways our caregivers across the system are creating healthier communities, together. I am also committed to communicating more regularly with caregivers and creating forums for two-way conversation.

With those goals in mind, I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging and launch this new site. I think this will be a great  format to:

  • Introduce you to some of the individuals and organizations working with us to create healthier communities
  • Celebrate programs and services across our system that are making a difference at the local level
  • Discuss issues and trends affecting health care in our communities
Baby Clothes

Caregivers collected a truck load of baby clothes for the poor April 16 in honor of Mother Joseph’s birthday. As our founder famously said, “Whatever concerns the poor is always our affair.”

A two-way conversation
I also want to hear from you. Each post will include a comments section, and I encourage you to use the space to share your thoughts about the post. Before you get started, please read our social media/commenting policy. In keeping with our core values, we ask everyone to be respectful of others’ opinions, and refrain from inflammatory or inappropriate language. We also ask that you stay on topic and keep comments relevant to the subject of the post.

Now, it’s your turn
Since this is my inaugural blog post, I’d like to start with a few questions for you:

  • Do you have any advice or feedback for a new blogger like me about how to effectively use this tool to engage with the caregivers of Providence?
  • Are there any specific topics you’d like me to write about?
  • What is your clinic or department doing to improve the health of your local community?

Blogging is a brave new world for me. So thank you for joining me on this journey and for all you do for our patients and the communities we serve.

  1. Well Dr. Hochman I am impressed and inspired. I am not a blogger (don’t know if that is even the correct spelling) however I am very interested in this type of information sharing so I will watch and learn.

  2. My advice is to be consistent in your blogging. If you set up a regular cadence of posting, people will set up a regular cadence of checking for new posts. Also, as our senior leader, there is hardly anything that is on your mind that we wouldn’t like to hear about. If your goal is two-way conversation, post what you’re thinking about and noodling over and encourage folks to reply with what they’re thinking, about the same topic.
    Thanks for your leadership!

  3. Would love to see physician and dietician guest posts and healthy living information.

  4. Thank you, both, for the encouragement and kind words. Great advice, too. I’ll definitely keep it in mind as I continue this new blogging journey.

  5. Rod, Kudos for venturing out in this way of communicating with our caregivers. My advice on blogging:

    Keep it simple

    Keep it relevant

    Keep it real

    We appreciate when you celebrate our successes, when you transparently speak about our challenges and struggles, and when you honor the work that is done across our entire system.

    When people meet you they experience a leader who doesn’t take himself too seriously, who is real & passionate about the future of Providence and the ministry of service that we have ahead. My hope is that all caregivers get the opportunity to know you as this person who has been entrusted with a huge responsibility but who relies on the wisdom of many!

    Blog On!

  6. Mike Hall creates amazing insightful posts for the Change Facilitator discussion board. I volunteer him as tribute to give you tips. The things I enjoy most about his posts is that they are full of personal examples. Personal examples help bridge the gap between the lesson he is imparting and what it looks like in our daily lives.

    Thanks for venturing out into this new media. I really enjoy your town hall videos.

    As far as content I think anything interesting or exciting that is happening in your life would be worth reading.