Even Richard Sherman is pitching in to create healthier communities

I love football. Growing up in New York, I spent most of my life as a Giants fan. But when my wife, Nancy, and I moved to Seattle seven years ago, we couldn’t help but get caught up in Seahawks mania. I practically lost my voice cheering for them this season, all the way up to their big Super Bowl victory earlier this year.

So it definitely got my attention when cornerback Richard Sherman decided to take his fierce competitive energy and channel it toward helping our colleagues at Swedish fight cancer and create healthier communities.

It’s a little unexpected to see him as a spokesperson for the Swedish Cancer Institute, but then again it makes perfect sense. Whatever people may think of him elsewhere, Sherman is beloved in the community Swedish serves and is known locally as someone actively trying to stay connected to his fans and give back. He loves Seattle, and Swedish has been part of the fabric of the city for 104 years.

It says a lot about Swedish that a national figure like Sherman doesn’t hesitate to step up to support their mission and the important work they do on behalf of the community.

With all the attention around Sherman these days, it’s not surprising the Swedish TV spot went viral the minute it came out, getting mentions on everything from the Huffington Post and Fox Sports to ESPN. Great job to the team at Swedish for being willing to take a risk to get a powerful message out there. You pulled it off and created a sense of community and civic pride in the process.

Now, for any fellow football fans out there, who are your top picks for next year? It would be lots of fun to hear from you in the comments below.

Richard Sherman



  1. Chris – Lots of reasons to like the Rams these days. But I think you may be right about the NFC West.

  2. Dee – How cool that your cousin’s a Hawk. Go #67.

  3. If I had any say, it would be the Rams all the way!!! Alas, the NFC West is a BRUTAL division, so sadly I think it will be Hawks with the repeat.

  4. Hi Rod!….LOVE Sherman’s comment: “Hey cancer: we’re coming after you”!!!!….perfect!…Sherman just happens to be a teammate to my cousin Paul McQuistan, #67…dee mcquesten

  5. Seahawks all the way for back to back to wins!