Why Sister Julie Casey thinks we’re the luckiest people on earth

It’s always a pleasure spending time with Sister Juliana Casey, the new president of our sponsors.  She’s the kind of person who can lift the energy of any room simply through her warm, authentic presence. I recently had a chance to interview her about the role of heritage at Providence.

Sister Julie

As the current generation of Providence, we have been entrusted with a 158-year tradition of recognizing the humanity and dignity of others. That spirit of love, compassion and respect is the driving force behind our Mission, and thanks to each of you, Sister Julie says she and the sponsors continue to see it and feel it wherever they go across the system.

“What Providence does is amazing technically and technologically,” Sister Julie said. “But what we really care about as sponsors is how one person is with the other, and we see that over and over again across our ministries.”

Human interaction –  how we treat every person we encounter – is a fundamental theme in our heritage story, and we are each called to keep it alive  at a time of  major transformation in health care. At the senior leadership level, we believe this is our most important work and recently held a Mission summit of all our Mission integration officers and sponsors to talk about how we stay true to who we are as an organization even as we innovate and change with the times.

We are blessed to have Sister Julie and all our sponsors in our midst because they have vast experience and deep insight to share with us. In addition to a long career with Catholic Health East, Sister Julie is the author of Food for the Journey, the seminal book on health care as a sacred calling. Her perspective is always grounding and inspiring. For instance, she had this to say about the work we do at Providence:

“We’re probably the luckiest people on earth. We get to do something that is extremely meaningful and that has a purpose. It’s what humanity is about: caring for each other. … No matter where we are in the ministries, we get to make the world a little bit better. That’s what we are called to do.”

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to get to know Sister Julie by watching this video. I think it will brighten your day. I, for one, couldn’t stop smiling while filming it.