International service: My upcoming trip to Guatemala

I’m very excited about the week ahead because in just a few days I am making my first service trip to Guatemala as part of Providence Health International (PHI). A few other senior leaders are also part of the envoy, and together we’ll have a chance to experience our international service work firsthand.

While we’re there, we’ll meet with our partner organizations in Guatemala, including a local university and hospital. We’ll also travel to the remote hills of Chicaman to install clean burning stoves in the homes of families in need.

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In this brief excerpt, PHI director Aimee Khuu describes the itinerary for our upcoming trip. You’ll find the full interview below.

To discuss our international service work in more detail, I interviewed Aimee Khuu for the blog this week. Aimee is the director of Providence Health International and a tireless advocate for the poor and vulnerable here at home and around the globe.

In the video, she does a great job of outlining why Providence chose to focus on Guatemala, and the importance of partnering with local organizations and international agencies to ensure our impact is sustainable over time.

Through the eyes of the local population

Aimee has given me a lot of great practical tips to prepare for the upcoming trip. But I think her best advice is to go with an open heart and a willingness to hear the stories of the locals and see the world through their eyes.

I love one of the phrases she taught me, “Maa saa la chole.” It’s an indigenous greeting that literally translates as “How is your spirit today?” What a beautiful way to greet another fellow human being. I can’t wait to try it out.

Personal formation

In this clip, Aimee talks about the 200-plus Providence caregivers who have volunteered in Guatemala thus far and the impact the experience has on personal formation.

Learn more and watch the full interview

I look forward to reporting back to you on how the trip went, and I am proud to join the ranks of Providence caregivers who have volunteered their time and talents to make the program a success. If you are interested in getting involved, visit the Providence Health International Web site. You’ll find more information about volunteer opportunities, upcoming trips and how to donate to the program.

Rod_Aimee Full Interview

Watch the full interview here. Learn about our international program and get to know Aimee.


  1. I agree with Randy. As Providence demonstrates that its mission “talk” is indeed backed-up by its mission “walk” it instills organizational pride and inspires caregivers (and even other organizations) to step up their own commitment to service. Good luck to all the Guatemala travelers!


  2. Safe travels, Rod. This is a great program Providence has and makes me feel proud to see how much Providence assists others in such great need. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.


  3. Aimee, on behalf of my staff, I thank you for allowing us to participate in the planning and implementation of this conference. The Providence Promotoras who participated in the event, have more than 15 years working with the Latino community in the San Fernando Valley. Meeting more than 215 Madres Consejeras, who have similar responsibilities as our Promotoras, was very rewarding. Participating in this conference was a perfect opportunity for them to share their knowledge and skills. Also, the lessons learned provide us with a better understanding of how to develop and implement culturally appropriate programs and services in our own communities. We look forward to a continued partnership with our Guatemalan sisters. Gracias!

    • Marie – Thank you for work on this important program. I heard all about the conference from Aimee. What a wonderful exchange of expertise. Take care. -Rod