Providence helps open a new hospital for Haiti

I am pleased to share some great news. Thanks in part to support from Providence, a critical hospital in Haiti is now set to re-open after being destroyed in the earthquake that devastated the capital city of Port-au-Prince in 2010.

Saint Francis de Sales Hospital is near and dear to us at Providence because it serves as the principle provider for the poor and vulnerable of Port-au-Prince. Providence donated $250,000 to support the reconstruction effort as part of the U.S. Catholic Health Association’s Campaign for Rebirth and Renewal in Haiti.


The outpatient services building of the new St. Francis de Sales Hospital in downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The hospital campus also includes an inpatient building, administration building and chapel.

Sister Carol Keehan, DC, president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association, described the new hospital beautifully in a recent editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

It is our hope that the hospital will be a model for Haiti in terms of teaching, integrating care and sustaining an operation that can continually reach and help poor families. … (It is) an unprecedented opportunity to build a new health care system and to offer quality exceeding what was possible before the earthquake. More integrated health-care delivery, along with training and education for medical and nursing staff in Haiti, will profoundly improve the lives of people in Port-au-Prince.

The incredible resilience of the Haitian people is reflected in the new hospital. Soon after the earthquake, the remaining staff of the destroyed hospital was busy triaging the injured – and within days were not only providing makeshift medical services to those seeking care, but also assessing what emergency supplies would be required to carry through in the difficult days ahead. … Today, the re-built Saint Francis de Sales hospital … (is) better fortified and more medically equipped than ever to care for a community in need.

Sister Carol

Sr. Carol Keehan talks with members of the construction team at the dedication of rebuilt St. Francis de Sales Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, last week.

In addition to our gift of $250,000, Providence has also provided more than $161,000 in medical supplies and equipment to Haiti since 2010, and we look forward to providing clinical education and training to support Saint Francis’ designation as a teaching facility for local doctors and nurses.

Though the earthquake happened five years ago, recovery in Haiti has been slow, and the new hospital is one of the first public facilities to be rebuilt. It will play a vital role in the nation’s infrastructure and safety net.

A dedication ceremony for the new hospital was held last week in conjunction with the five-year anniversary of the earthquake. Though I was planning to attend the event with President of Providence Ministries Sister Julie Casey, IHM, the Catholic Health Association decided to limit the number of American representatives in attendance due to government instability in the region.

The political unrest speaks to one of the many challenges that the physicians and caregivers at Saint Francis de Sales face on a daily basis. Through it all, though, their commitment to meeting the needs of the poorest in their communities remains unwavering. They are an inspiration to us all, and I am proud that we support their important work.


A four-bed ward at the newly rebuilt St. Francis de Sales Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The 200-bed hospital has both private and semi-private rooms.


  1. I worked at this hospital with CRS for two weeks shortly after the earthquake. One half of it was totally demolished with ceilings flat upon floors. We had 2 OR tables in the same room and did two operations simultaneously. The spirit of the hospital staff was amazing and I am very happy that it could be restored to a fully functioing facility.

  2. Recovering community in Haiti has been of great concern since the earthquake.
    As a member of the Providence family, I am so pleased to read this update.

  3. Are there or will there be opportunities for Providence nurses to volunteer at this hospital? If so, I would love to hear about them.

  4. Awesome news! We should explore having this hospital use Epic!

  5. we should connect them to Epic.

  6. This is very exciting and I’m inspired to see the hope we are adding to the Haiti community.

  7. Wow,

    I wish that I’d be there to see the re-opening:>)

    Great work