Our roadmap: See the latest updates to our three-year strategic plan

What will Providence look like in three years, and how will we get there? The system strategic plan serves as our roadmap for the future. This week, I talk with Mike Butler, our president of services and operations, about how we’ve updated and streamlined the plan for 2015-2017.

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Mike Butler and I talk about the latest updates to Providence’s strategic plan. Mike also recaps the great year we had in 2014 thanks to support from all of you.

The good news is you won’t see any major departures from last year. We’re staying the course on creating healthier communities together and continuing to focus on strengthening the core of who we are as an organization. While most of the plan remains largely the same, you’ll notice we’ve added a few new tactics this year including:

  • Creating a great caregiver experience through improved engagement, better communication and a focus on health and well-being
  • Building our international health program in Guatemala
  • Further defining our brand and better understanding the needs of consumers through research
  • Delivering more primary care services digitally and engaging with patients online to promote health and wellness
  • Developing the data analytics and other infrastructure needed to improve the health of populations
  • Continuing to advocate for better health care and be a voice for the poor and vulnerable with policy makers at the national and local level.

In addition, we’ve simplified our success measures by reducing them from 12 to nine, which will make it easier to track progress toward our goals. You’ll hear much about the strategic plan throughout the year. In the meantime, you can view the full plan here. (You must be logged into the Providence network to view the file.)

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