Thank a Physician This Doctor’s Day

Being a doctor is one of those occupations that’s not just a job; it’s a calling. It demands years of education and training, an incredible work ethic,  an unwavering sense of duty to patients, and a lifelong commitment to staying on top of – and advancing – the field of medicine.  Then there is also the art of medicine – the warmth, empathy and understanding that is just as important as any drug or procedure.


National Doctor’s Day is Monday, March 30 2015

At Providence and our affiliates, we are fortunate to have thousands of the country’s finest physicians among our ranks. They make a profound difference in the lives of patients and families, and they meet the diverse medical needs of the communities we serve, from the most remote parts of Alaska to the urban centers of Los Angeles.

Our physicians might not admit it but they appreciate hearing the words “thank you” as much as everyone else. So this Doctor’s Day, let’s celebrate our medical staff. Take a moment to say thank you to the doctors who have inspired you or made a difference in your life or community, and please tell us us about them in the comments section below.

On behalf of the entire senior leadership team, a heartfelt thank you to the physicians of Providence and our affiliates for their tireless service, sacrifice and dedication. Wishing you all a Happy Doctor’s Day.

  1. I have worked with Providence for 17 years and the last 9 or so in ICU at PPMC. I also unfortunately had the opportunity to be a family member of an ICU patient (48 days) in another hospital in Eugene. I can say without a doubt that we have the absolute best physicians to work with and they have the best intentions for our patients. Some that stick out in my mind that go beyond fantastic and show their hearts to their patients are Dr.Bowerfind, Dr.Sani, Dr.Glavin, Dr. Schuamberg, and all our pulmonologist. Also the OFMS group with Dr Patel and Dr Ying are the most caring surgeons I have met in a long time. I feel that I am blessed to work with such fine people and I feel their collaboration with nursing stands out as an example giving the best care for our patients. I want to to thank all of the physicians I work with from the bottom of my heart as a nurse and and as a patient’s family member.

  2. I have the opportunity to work with all the Providence St. Peter’s hospitalists. I just wanted to thank them for working so hard on behalf of the patients. They have a tireless job and all are dedicated to excellent care. It’s a privilege to work with such great physicians!

  3. I have the privilege to work with all the surgeons and doctors that come through the surgery department at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center. We at PKIMC have the most experienced, caring, knowledgeable and dedicated surgeons I have ever worked with. Our surgeons are not only exceptional surgeons they are incredible to work with. Their care and concern for their patients are demonstrated by their interactions with their patients. These surgeons not only care for the patient but their entire family. They make house calls; provide patients with their home phone or cell numbers. They encourage staff to learn and welcome staff input.
    Thank you, to all the Doctors at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center.

  4. Dr. Ryan, an orthopedic physician, is a caring and wonderful physician. He is wonderful with the nurses, his patients, and their family members. My mother had knee replacement surgery two years ago and every time I see Dr. Ryan he continues to ask about her and how she is doing. He is an amazing physician to work with, always willing to teach or to take a moment to discuss a patient’s situation. He listens to the nurses and considers their input so he can make sure his patients have the best outcome possible. His expertise and kindness are qualities that I will always strive to achieve. Thank you Dr. Ryan for all that you do!

  5. Dr. Chad A. Warren, orthopedic surgeon, cared for my 91 year old mother when she broke her hip last summer. Dr. Warren was compassionate, listened to her and her family and provided exemplary care. In my 20+ years in healthcare, I have rarely seen a surgeon show such a caring spirit. Dr. Warren was a Godsend during a very difficult time. My mother is mobile and is grateful to Dr. Warren and his team.

  6. I feel blessed to work with a great crew of ER doctors at Providence in Walla Walla. I can’t imagine working anywhere else, or with any other group of physicians and co-workers! Makes coming to work a happy day!

  7. I will like to give a ‘shout-out’ to our coolest ER night Doctors-Dr. Barba Simic, Dr. Christian Herera, Dr. John Simic, Dr. “B”, Dr. C. Wang, Dr. Lai, Dr. Prince, Dr. Hoyt, Dr. Snyder and all our night PAs both at the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank and Providence Tarzana Medical Center. I have experienced and witnessed the highest sense of compassion, diligence, excellence, dedication to duty and self-sacrifice shown by these physicians as they care for our patients who come in during their time of emergent health crises and situations. I am so proud of these physicians and appreciative of their professionalism as they bring peace and comfort to our patients and families who visit our Emergency Department in time of distress and above all for their love and care for the staff in the ER.

  8. I would like to praise God for sending Dr. Jason Dreyer to Walla Walla. In January of this year a 3 level fusion w/ discectomy for L3 to S1 was prefomed by Dr. Dreyer and his PA Derek Sucharda. The surgery was done as a micro-surgery and took 4 hours. I spent 3 days in the hospital and everyday, Both Derek and Dr. Dreyer saw me. I really felt their compasion and caring attitudes. At 4 weeks I was allowed to go back to work and since I work for the hospital, I was able to visit the nursing staff and PT/OT team that took care of me. I went from an 8-10 pain level prior the surgery with walking and falling issues, to a 0 pain level after surgery. Everyday wehn I get up I praise God and ask for God to continue to bless their office. Consequently, I found Dr. Dreyer is ranked #2 for Neurosurgeons in the State of Washington. What an awesome place to work and be a patient.

  9. I had the privelage to witness compassion and service this last Saturday. Provider Mike Ramos, ARNP was taking care of one of my patients. His presence, words and healing touch reaffirmed why we do what we do. My heart swelled up and tears of joy filled my eyes. I am proud to be of service and work with such an amazing team of professionals.

  10. I would like to express my appreciation of Dr. Michael Shannon at Hawks Prairie Endo in Lacey,WA. I know him as a patient and also professionally.

    As a patient my unborn daughter and I were in great hands. He made me feel like I mattered, spoke with me not to me and was clearly prepared before walking into the exam room. This not only allowed a great outcome but also made me feel like a partner in my own care.

    Professionally I called on him on many occasions for advise,to help a fellow new provider and to brainstorm ideas. Despite his hectic schedule he always made time for me and was eager to lend a hand and mentor the new providers we had.

    Dr. Shannon is on my list of the highest caliber of physicians I have worked with.

    Happy Doc’s Day to all of our physicians!

  11. I would like to acknowledge our awesome, supportive Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists here at Providence Sacred Heart. Both Dr. Barber and Dr. Mezei have been wonderful assisting my department (Professional Outreach Education) in providing cutting edge clinical practice information for assimulation into the perinatal curriculum. In addition, they are serving as champions for the annual “Promoting Excellence in Perinatal and Neonatal Care” conference that will take place on October 22nd and 23rd at Center Place in the Spokane Valley. You both have been wonderful!

  12. I am very grateful for all the doctors at Providence. I am especially grateful for the pediatric north doctors. Dr Olson has been in our family for almost 15 years, he became apart of my family when my first son Tyler was born. As a new parent with so many worries there is no better medicine then a great doctor! Dr Olson is always willing to listen and tell you exactly what to do, even if what to do is just relax. I decided to become a parent again last year and there was no other choice then to have Dr Olson take care of the new baby! It was like starting all over and I was as worried as ever, and again Dr Olson with his calm demenor and soft tone was there to reassure me that everything is going to be just fine! Thanks you Dr Olson I hope you know that you truly make a difference and are appreciated!

  13. I would like to thank all the physicians who not only provide excellent care for their patients, but have recognized the hugely important role they play as stewards of Providence and the communities we serve. As leaders, they dedicate hours of uncompensated and underappreciated work to improve our healthcare delivery system and access to care for all. These physician leaders truly demonstrate that the art of practicing medicine extends beyond the bedside.

  14. At my old hospital where I used to work, we celebrated Doctor’s Day by giving a charitable donation in the name of the medical staff to an organization of their choice. Usually it was one of the local free clinics that served the poor, but one year when I was chief of staff, we gave to the Red Cross to help the victims of the Japanese tsunami. I recall that being a very emotional decision for us, recognizing the dire situation for so many after such a horrible disaster.

  15. Sorry , i should have said that Dr. Gurov does NOT prejudge anyone every.

  16. Dr. Andrean Gurov at Providence Doctors’ clinic in Medford Oregon is in a class of his own. I worked with Dr. Gurov for about 5 years and in my 15 years in this business i can say that he is the very best provider i have ever had the pleasure of working with. Dr. Gurov has a deep compassion for his patients. His patients love him and his practice has grown so fast over the years. He is very patient, he is never angry, he does prejudge anyone. Just a true compassionate spirit that is evident from the moment you meet him. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Gurov. I have to say that each provider at Providence Doctors’clinic are truly wonderful people as well as wonderful providers. I had the opportunity to work with most of them. Dr. Brandenburg is also a very compassionate provider who cares for his patients as if they were his family. I just would like to recognize all of the providers there- Dr. Bailey is nice and what a great teacher, Dr. Schultz equally nice and very hard working, Dr. Avanthi she is so intelligent and such a very nice and likable person, Dr. Hutchinson is very personable and always has a smile on his face, Dr. Kim what a great doctor, he is smart, and eager to do great work for all of his patients, Dr. Detweiler one of the newest providers to the clinic is very nice and very smart and he gives that extra attention some of the elderly patients really need. I know this is for the Doctors day however the doctors cannot work to their fullest potential without the support of the staff and i have to say the staff at doctors clinic from Lori the manager to Joni the nurse and case manager (rockstar) the front desk and medical records and all of the medical assistants they are all such a great team and really work together as a team. I can say this because i have worked in places that this is not always the case. So shout out to Providence Doctors Clinic in Medford Oregon my home away from home I am proud to work there and be from there.
    All my best, Trish

  17. I would like to send a big thank you out to all the doctors, regulars and moonlighters, who work at Gateway Immediate Care. They work long, hard hours to see the patient’s that sometimes endure long wait times to see them. The doctors smile and greet their patient’s, care for them and send them on their way making them feel like someone really cares about them. Many patient’s express after their visit that they are so happy to have seen such a nice doctor (PAs, NPs, DOs also).
    It is a pleasure, and an honor, working with such dedicated,hard-working and caring doctors! They are one of the reasons that I came to work here and I am proud to call Gateway Immediate Care my home!

    Just to name a few doctors (because we have so many come work with us):
    Dr. Dustin Smith
    Dr. Richard Manthey
    Dr. Christine Gray
    Dr. Marika Wolfe
    Dr. Elaine Marcus
    Dr. John Barton

    It is National Doctor’s Day, but thank you to ALL the providers that come work at Gateway Immediate Care!!

  18. I’d like to thank Dr Bradley Fancher who’s been my Internist ever since I out grew my pediatrician over 33 years ago. At our first visit I provided my list of chronic problems, although not life threatening they were a significant impact to my quality of life. A list provided to other specialists many times before to no avail. So when I talked with Dr Fancher, I honestly did not expect he could do anything. He listened carefully, asked questions, ordered a few tests, then diagnosed and successfully treated most of the items from the first visit! That was the beginning of a partnership that continues today.

    Once I called to ask his nurse about unusual symptoms, and was surprised when Dr Fancher jumped on the call instructing me to immediately go for an MRI. When I arrived at the imaging center less than 15 minutes later, the technician commented that Dr Fancher had called to make sure I was able to get in. She said, “When he says someone needs to get in now, we know it needs to be done, and will figure something out!”

    I really appreciate, especially in this day in age, that he takes the time to really listen to his patients. He gets to know you beyond the list of problems and medications in your chart, asking about family, work, and life. As a primary care provider, this is the key difference between a knowledgeable doctor and great doctor. I know he is getting close to retiring, and it will be well deserved when that time comes. But I certainly don’t look forward to finding someone to try and fill his shoes! Thank you Dr Fancher for you excellent care all these years!

  19. I have several wonderful physicians to say Thanks to, Dr. Sasan Najibi who supports our lymphedema care program, Dr. Stanford Lee and Dr. Jason Toth from Occupational Health treating our providence employees and all the group at Orthopedic Surgery Specialists. I especially would like to recognise Dr. Raymond Raven III who sees the hand injuries. He is so easy to contact…I have had return e-mails even when he is vacationing, that it makes it easy to communicate and meet his patient’s needs, and he makes his patient’s feel special and important when their questions can be met. Thanks to all of them!

  20. I wish to take this opportunity of appreciating and wishing all my physician colleagues I have worked with in South Africa, Saudi Arabia and now in the United States,(Providence Health and Services Southern California), a very happy Doctors Day. I have been blessed in the past 26 years as a Registered Nurse to experience great professional collaboration and amazing team spirit with my phyisician partners in providing outstanding care to patients.

    More especially, after a recent experience of ill health, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Dr Dawn Cashie, for saving my life and performing surgery that proved to be beyond a challenge on me in August 2014. It was a frightening experience in a new country and Dr Cashie was my Gardian Angel who saw me,cared for me and eased my way! Thank you Dr Cashie

  21. I would like to say “THANK YOU” to Dr.Kelly OH at PMG ORENCO. Even with her full schedule most days, she always work in her patients or even patients from other providers.

    It’s really nice to see the compassionate service she provides and that how much she cares for her patients.
    Thank You Dr.Oh. You are the Best!!!

  22. Dr. Jimmy Chung who is the Providence Director of Medical Product Analysis, for Supply Chain, has been CRITICAL to the success of the physician lead SIVATS (Specialty Item Value Analysis Team) throughout Providence Health & Services.

    His leadership and support for this process allow physicians, who request new products for the care of their patients, to feel they have “buy in” and a “voice” for this process.

  23. I want to send a Huge Thank You to Dr. Charles Douville, not only did he save my Mother’s life more than 6 years ago with her very complicated Heart Surgery. He was the best professional and friendly mannered physician our family has experienced.

    Also a Big Thank you for his dedication to not only becoming one of the best Heart Surgeons, but also a great personable Doctor as well.

  24. I would like to thank Dr Ron Healy at PAMC for all his help and support during the initial years of EPIC. Dr Healy – I appreciate all of your help and support in getting all the kinks worked out of the ECG viewing process in EPIC. It took a long time, but it was worth it! I will be retiring this year and I am really thankful we were able to get this done before I leave. Thank you!

  25. I would like to recognize Dr. Shelley Sanders @ Providence St Vincent in Oregon. She is an awesome practioner and my husband and I cannot thank her enough for being so pro-health and for ensuring she spends time with us on each of our visits!!
    Also the Emergency Department physicians in all 8 Oregon ED’s are incredible. Whether employed or contracted, I have had the privilege of watching each group partner with the nurses to provide great patient care. Happy Doctors day to each and every one of them.

  26. I would like to recognize Dr. Shelley Sanders @ Providence St Vincent in Oregon. She is an awesome practioner and my husband and I cannot thank her enough for being so pro-health and for ensuring she spends time with us on each of our visits!!

    Also the Emergency Department physicians in all 8 Oregon ED’s are incredible. Whether employed or contracted, I have had the privilege of watching each group partner with the nurses to provide great patient care. Happy Doctors day to each and every one of them.

  27. Happy Doctor’s Day to all the Anesthesiologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center. I’m so proud to be associated with the Bayside Anesthesia Group. Daily you should compassion and professionalism in your treatment of the patients that you provide service to in your daily routine. Keep up the good work!

  28. I am so grateful to work with such an amazing group of Radilolgists. Dr Nancy Neubauer, Dr Virginia Eschbach, Dr Brandon Liu, and Dr Laura Nason. These Doctors give such compassionate care to our patients and are extremely generous in donating time and money to cancer programs. I learn from them everyday and it is a priveledge to work at the Breast Center in Everett with each and everyone of them as well as all my great co-workers. I am truly blessed.

  29. I would like to recognize my wonderful physician, Emily Hitchcock at PMG ST Vincent. She’s been my doctor for so many years that I can’t remember when she wasn’t my doctor. She’s helped me greatly over the last year find my way to good health and is not only a wonderful doctor but a wonderful person. She takes a real caring interest in her patients and mixes compassion with good, old-fashioned common sense. I respect her so much!

  30. I would like to recognize Alaska Heart Institute (AHI) Cardiologist Adam Mason. He is always kind, considerate and willing to help/teach if staff in our department (PAMC EKG) have questions about an ekg. Thanks Dr Mason! We appreciate you!

  31. I would like to say “THANK YOU” to Jerry Corn, MD who is the Medical Director, Quality Medical Management at the Murray Business Center in Beaverton. When I first started here a year ago, I was new to the area, had no one to confide in. I am diabetic and was without insurance for a month before my benefits began here. I was trying to stretch out my insulin to make it through the lapse in coverage. Well, that wasn’t working out so well. With all the stress of leaving my family, my home, moving here all alone, my blood sugars were hitting the 400 levels. I finally decided to tell my supervisor what was happening, just in case I didn’t show up for work one day…She immediately went to the RNs and Dr. Corn for advise. They were so compassionate about my situation and found me a free clinic to go to so I could get a vial of insulin at no charge. I want to thank all that were involved from the bottom of my heart! I am proud to be a member of the Providence family and the way they care about others. Sincerely, Denise M.

  32. To some of the physician leaders I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years: Craig Wright, Walter Urba, Bob Gluckman, Glenn Rodriguez, Doug Walta, Marian Hodges, Bernie Fox: All of you have been an inspiration to me for your energy and dedication, your commitment to serving the greater good and your everlasting patience with my questions and requests. Also to Dr. Kristen Kocher, my long-time PMG doc in Portland, and to Dr. Ashley Hamilton, my new PacMed doc in Renton, thanks for all the ways you’ve cared for this cancer survivor!

  33. Dr. Brian Iuliano, Providence Neurosurgeon with St Peter Hospital connected personally not only with my niece after brain surgery but with the entire family. In the 44 years that my niece has had medical care by neurosurgeons from Portland’s Dormbacher Childrens hospital to Seattle Childrens and University of WA we have dealt with many many surgeons and we all felt Dr Iuliano explained more, showed more compassion and empathy for my niece and the family’s long medical journey than we have ever experienced. So thank you for the care, the compassion, the interest and your expertise.

  34. I would love to recognize and thank our family’s primary care physician Dr. Catherine Dhanki at the Mill Creek Commons Clinic. Dr. Dhanki and her wonderful staff have been taking great care of my daughter and I since 2012! Thank you for all you do!

  35. I want to recognize my fabulous Swedish family practice doctor – Charles Butler. He goes above and beyond to care for me and my family. I feel as if he treats us like he would treat members of his own family and I am so appreciative of his amazing patient care, expertise, patience and genuine concern for our wellbeing. Thank you Dr. Butler and thank you to all the other physicians of Providence, Swedish and other affiliates. I’m proud to work for an organization that has such talented, dedicated and compassionate physicians. Your jobs are tough but you make this world a better place, one patient at a time.

  36. I want to recognize my fabulous Swedish family practice doctor – Charles Butler. He goes above and beyond to care for me and my family. I feel like he treats us like he would treat members of his own family and I am so appreciative of his amazing patient care, expertise, patience and genuine concern for our wellbeing. Thank you Dr. Butler and thank you to all the other physicians of Providence, Swedish and other affiliates. I’m proud to work for an organization that has such talented, dedicated and compassionate physicians. Your jobs are tough but you make this world a better place, one patient at a time.

  37. Through the years I have had the opportunity to work with and be treated by many physicians. They all truly hold a special place in my heart for their dedication and committment to each of their patients. I now treat at Milwaukie Healing Place and I would like to acknowledge both Dr Talbot and PA Kristin from Team A as two of the most caring and supportative physicians I have had the pleasure of treating with. Their patience in the face of hectic schedules and willingness to make sure their patient’s questions are answered at each visit truly lives up to the clinic name Providence Milwaukie Healing Place. Thank you ladies, you do an awesome job.

  38. I especially appreciate a doctor who, despite having to limit their time with each patient during visits, develops a talent for always connecting personally with their patients regarding their life and/or interests – it may be only for a minute each visit, but it means a lot.

    Here at Providence, I’m proud of physicians for their perserverance during the long journey of Epic implementation. It wasn’t easy, and for many, it still isn’t. But the people of Providence pull together – that’s what we do.