MyChart: Providence digitally connects one million patients to their care

A post by Mike Butler, president of operations and services for Providence 

Mike Butler_croppedI have some great news to share. This morning, Providence and Swedish enrolled our one millionth patient in MyChart! Thank you to our clinics for helping us achieve this goal by taking time to talk with patients about the benefits of staying digitally connected to their care.

MyChart is one of the ways we’re easing the way of those we serve by making health care better and more convenient. The Web portal and mobile app allows patients and doctors to communicate with one another more easily through secure email. Patients can also use it to see their test results or make appointments online. In short, it helps engage people in their care, which we believe will ultimately improve their health and the health of the communities we serve.

If you have any experiences about how MyChart has helped improve patient communication or made care more convenient, I’d love to hear your stories in the comments section below. The more stories we collect, the more we can inspire others to adopt the technology and get comfortable with it. (Please keep your comments brief and remember, do not share personal health information.)

Congratulations to everyone involved. It’s amazing what we can accomplish together. Thank you again to our clinics for the great work and for all you do to create healthier communities, together.

  1. My Chart has helped me have the appointment information and key results for an elderly friend who has asked for help but wants some independence. I can respect her attempt at independence and yet be there for her.

  2. I was also an early adopter of MyChart and have truly enjoyed the ease at which I’m able to communicate with my providers. I’ve even been surprised by getting a response within hours of asking a question (only to then wonder when my doctor is sleeping!).

    Finally, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Mike! It will be a great way for other folks to get to know you and the enormous heart and love you have for our people and our organization, something I’ve been had the privilege of seeing first-hand for almost 14 years.

  3. I wanted to leave a quick comment and kudos for My Chart. I simply love this application and have it both on my PC and my smart phone. I love that I can be connected to my medical information at any time and that I know right away when a new message or bill arrives. No surprises here and allows me to have this information at the touch of my finger for those times I need to provide this information to other providers outside of Providence. YEAH FOR MY CHART!

  4. I live in Kansas but have been treated for prostate cancer at the Seattle Prostate Institute and Swedish Hospital with good results. I use MyChart at my local doctors’ offices. It is very helpful to be able to look at and review the data for my cholesterol, thyroid, etc. on one chart that goes back several years. This is especially helpful during my annual physical – my primary care doctor and I can look at the data together, discuss the implications of the data, and plan my health care for the future in a thoughtful and collaborative and way.

  5. I was an early adopter of MyChart, and started using it with my Minor & James (Swedish) primary care physician. It’s a great relief, as a patient, to have this kind of access to your doctor, but the good feelings of access can be quickly dashed by a lack of response on the other end. Fortunately, I’ve always received a reply within a day, and often in a couple of hours. Kudos to Providence and Swedish for offering online patient communications and then executing it well.

    • Agree. It’s all about the execution. We are lucky to have great primary care teams. Thanks for the kudos. Take care.

  6. I love My Chart. Seeing lab results before I visit my doctor allows me to have better conversations with her. Instead of taking a lot of time reviewing the results we can talk about goals and how best to reach those goals. I’m a much better patient because of My Chart.

    • Great points. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I had the opportunity to help a friend set up My chart account at their home. They called me a week or two later and let me know how helpful My chart was for them.

    • Great to hear! Thanks for posting.

  8. Saluting Mike,

    I love MyChart:>)


    Henry PAN

  9. I second what Mr. Carroll says. In addition, I love the appointment scheduling aspect of MyChart – easy to set up or cancel. I get my care at one of the Providence clinics here in AK, and I’m very pleased with MyChart.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. Hi to everyone in AK.

  10. Hello Mike, I previously worked at Group Health, and was accustomed to accessing my medical information online, so when I saw MyChart, I was very happy to see we are moving forward with this technology.
    But my understanding was the last time I looked it’s not available yet in all areas of Washington at least?

  11. Hi Mike,
    I just wanted to encourage you to blog. It brings a personal touch to our wide spread world. There is a sense of connection when reading someone’s blog and sharing in the experiences that are published. Our “family” is all over the place and the more ways we can stay connected the better.

    • Appreciate the encouragement, Sandra. Take care.

  12. I have been using MyChart for about 3 years to communicate with my primary care doctor, James McHugh (and his associates as needed.) It has saved time rather than waiting on a phone and allowed direct rather than messaging interaction, esp regarding medications and advice on myriad health questions.

    • This is great, Patrick. Thanks for posting this. Take care.