Today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act

At Providence, we believe that access to quality, affordable health care is a basic human right. When individuals and families have access to care, quality of life improves, and the health and well-being of entire communities is strengthened.

We are delighted that the people we serve in Montana and Alaska who have insurance through federally run exchanges no longer have to worry about whether they will have affordable coverage and access to care. Moreover, this ruling allows millions more people across the country who have health insurance through federally operated exchanges to keep their coverage. This truly is a good day for the country.

With the question of exchange subsidies now resolved, Providence will continue working to create healthier communities, which we believe should include quality, affordable coverage for all.


  1. Here is the wealthiest country in the world, it is a shame that we even have to have this conversation at all, and it is truly shameful that the SCOTUS had to rule on just how compassionate we really are, or obviously, are not. Im am certain the issue will not be put to rest, a shame in and of itself that some would fight so hard to deny others access to healthcare, but as a Providence Employee, I am honored to work for those who do care~

  2. Dr. Hochman,

    What about our right (and obligation) to get up from our privleged and coddled seats, reconnect with our Creator, give of ourselves in helping others, stop pickling and stunting our mental health with media instead of meaningful human interaction, and stop poisoning our physical health with legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and an unhealthy diet?

    How can we reasonably expect those of us who do none of these things to subsidize our negligence and lack of foresight, or insist that they do so, citing the honest plight of the 1% who truly need the intervention?

    Healthcare starts at, and hopefully stays at, home.

    Thank you for your leadership and open communication.

    • Lifestyle is a critical determinant of health. We can help our communities do more in this regard.

  3. This is all fine and well, but health insurance has always been avaiable for those who can afford it. The problem is that it does not answer the question for those who still cannot afford it. I work with them everyday, and there is still no answer.

    My son had insurance that he bought on his own, before the federally funded program was available, and it is actually costlier now than it was then.

    And people who can afford it are still choosing not to buy. I don’t know if the requirements are going to get tougher, but it has not really changed the needs significantly.

    • It is not a perfect law but it’s important that we start somewhere. Thank you for your comments.

  4. So glad for the SC decision on affordable care act! Also appreciate Providence for being so proactive in this effort. Now if we can just convince our legislature (Alaska) to allow expanded Medicaid, we really could offer healthcare for all. Thank you.

  5. I am so grateful! ….. that I work for an organization that openly supports the Affordable Care Act and that I live in a country that recognizes ALL people deserve equitable health care. It seems the people that criticize the Affordable Care Act are the ones that “complicated” the original proposal in the first place. No one seems to acknowledge the original Act that President Obama proposed did not have many of the problems the Act that came out of Congress has. It can be frustrating…. therefore, I am very grateful for the Supreme Court decision!!

    • I am grateful too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am glad health care is becoming more equitable to all

  7. This is a win for all that believe that health care accessability is not for people of privilege alone.

    Harleen Hieber

  8. Wow, Another legal winning!


    Henry PAN