Meet our newest affiliate: The Seattle Science Foundation

I’m excited to introduce you to our newest affiliate, the Seattle Science Foundation (SSF). By partnering with this unique, not-for-profit educational resource, we will bring more training opportunities to our specialists and provide a venue where clinicians can learn from one another and invent new techniques that will change health care.

SSF is a state-of-the art facility where physicians can learn how to use the newest instruments and train on the latest procedures. It includes a bioskills lab that simulates the operating room and offers the ability to train on cadaver specimens. It also features conference facilities and high-speed internet connectivity that makes it possible to broadcast courses to physicians worldwide.

But rather than tell you about it. I thought I’d show you by taking you on a brief video tour of the facility.

To understand what SFF is all about, it helps to actually see it.  This video will give you a good sense of what the facility has to offer. I really enjoyed the tour and think you will too.

A global draw

The day of our filming, SSF was a hosting a spine masters class taught by a nationally and internationally renowned faculty, including two surgeons who helped shape modern spine deformity surgery: Jean Debousset of the French Academy of Sciences and John Kostuik of Johns Hopkins.


In the bioskills lab with an impressive faculty.

While I toured the facility, it was fascinating to meet physicians from all over the country and the world. As SSF Board President and CEO Rod Oskouian, M.D., explained it: “There isn’t any facility like this anywhere, so people travel from all over because they know they can learn the latest procedures here.”

“What we found is that, for specialists, if you have access to the instruments and can refine a technique in the lab before doing it in a live case, you can be more efficient and have better outcomes. The cadaver facility in our bioskills lab has been a monumental advance for patient care,” Dr. Oskouian said.


The spine masters class in action.

Learn more

SSF is a great resource for clinicians across the Providence system. You can learn more about it and what courses are offered by visiting the SFF Web site. Interesting side note: SSF has a unique connection to the Providence heritage. It is located at Swedish Cherry Hill, which is the original Providence Seattle Medical Center.

Do you have a facility you’d like me to tour?

I’d like to do more video tours like this one and showcase other great programs and facilities across Providence and our affiliates. If you have a program, you’d like me to consider for an upcoming video, tell me about it in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. we would be interested in your making a video about SIGN.

    Is there a fee?

    • Thanks Lewis. What is SIGN? There is never a fee. Looking forward to connecting.

  2. Thanks so much, Mike! I am impressed and pleased that Seattle Science Foundation is a member of the Providence family. Great addition!

    The video tours are greatly appreciated because they connect those of us who work in the System office with those on the front lines.

  3. Absolutely amazing! I feel like this affiliation really fulfills our mission statement. Keep up the video tours and posts, it brings a “real life” touch to your messages.