Getting to know St. Joseph Health

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Deborah Proctor, president and CEO of St. Joseph Health. I recently did a video interview with her so that our Providence audiences could learn a little more about the Irvine, Calif.-based organization with which we intend to partner.

Deb and Rod ARrow

I think you’ll enjoy meeting Deborah and hearing about St. Joseph’s rich heritage, the communities they serve and their unique approach to wellness and innovation. As you’ll learn from the video, our organizations share a lot in common, including a commitment to the poor and vulnerable.

“The founder of our Sisters said ‘go out to the neighborhoods to determine the needs and then bring people together to meet those needs,’” explained Deborah.

“So we’ve always talked about our ‘dear neighbors,’ which is the same as the poor and the vulnerable. We also developed a set of mission outcomes, which are to deliver sacred encounters, to deliver perfect care and to create healthiest communities.”

We continue to work through the process of bringing our organizations together, which you’ll hear more about in the video. In the meantime, within the St. Joseph organization, Deborah says, “there is such excitement and a real sense of joyful anticipation.” The same is true here at Providence. It’s an incredible opportunity to do even more together on behalf of the communities we serve, and we couldn’t be more excited. Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm.

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  1. Congratulations on the forthcoming partnership. While a number of mergers of hospital systems have not worked out, this one stands a good chance of evolving and thriving. As Dr. Hochman and Ms. Proctor point out, these two healthcare systems share similar backgrounds, histories, cultures, and values. They also take care of different communities so they are not competing with one another – the merger will be synergistic.
    Most importantly, the video makes clear how each CEO respects and likes the other – this is an important ingredient in making for a successful merger.
    I wish Providence and St. Joseph Health well.

  2. Very nice to see our two organizations coming together. I’ve grown up and lived in Orange County my entire life and have always admired the St. Joseph Health System. Their health facilities have been used by me and my family and friends over the years. They have always provided exceptional, quality care. So I’m personally very excited to see this merger occur. I enjoyed the video and listening to Deborah talk about their organization. Thanks for sharing.

    Randy Haynes
    Risk, Claims & Insurance Department

  3. Saluting St. Joseph Health in which so many top guns to work with.

    Cheers by Henry

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for producing the video’s and introducing us to Deborah Proctor. I have a couple questions. Why are we considering merging? What is the outcome you would like to achieve with this merger?
    Thank you for creating a forum for us to better understand the long term goals of this merger. Wishing you a terrific Tuesday!

    • Glad you find the videos helpful.There are some very complex problems in health care, such as behavioral health, that we think we can tackle much better together than on our own. Ultimately, we want to improve the overall health of our communities. Thanks for the note.