The latest on our proposed partnership with St. Joseph Health

I’m excited to introduce you to my counterpart at St. Joseph Health Annette Walker. We made this brief video to update you on the proposed partnership between Providence and St. Joseph.

The possibilities are endless in terms of what we can do together to improve the health of Western United States. We have an incredible opportunity to focus on areas of greatest need, such as serving the Medicaid and Medi-Cal populations and addressing the behavioral health crisis in our communities.

In this video, we share some of the next steps involved in bringing our organizations together. We also reflect on a recent tour of the Providence ministries in Los Angeles County. (I can’t wait to do a similar tour of St. Joseph ministries in Orange County in March. We’ll share the highlights in a future video.)

We are committed to improving the health of millions of more people through predictable access, experience, quality and cost. This partnership will allow us to do that. Together, we’ll be the national standard for what’s possible in delivering care in this country.

Mike and Annette

  1. I really am hopeful and inspired by these reports that are sent out to us. There is a song: “Go make a difference in the world…” and this is what I see in these presentations, and the risks you are taking to enable the extending of health care to those most in need. Thank you for the constant efforts at collaboration communications.
    In Appreciation, Mary Hawkins, SP

  2. This is so inspiring. I love that we are creating this organization that will serve the poor and vulnerable in our communities even more ably.