Help us celebrate our physicians this Doctors’ Day

I started medical school 40 years ago when I was 19. A lot has changed in medicine in that time. But one thing that will always stay the same is the sacred bond between doctors and patients. We know it’s a privilege to be let into someone’s life on a very personal level, and we view this relationship as the core of what we do.

That’s why it always feels good to get a note from patients and families, especially those we haven’t seen in a while, to hear how they’re doing. And while we won’t always admit it, doctors like to hear “thank you” as much as anyone.

Help us celebrate the more than 5,000 physicians and advance practitioners who work for Providence and our affiliated organizations by sending them a thank you note this Doctors’ Day, March 30. Here are two easy ways to recognize them.

1. Send a thank you message to your doctor online.

You can easily send them a quick thank you note by visiting one of these Web sites. We’ll forward the message directly to them.

2. Tell us about doctors you admire in the comments below. 

Do you have a physician colleague who inspires you? What do you admire about them? How are they making a difference? I invite you to tell us about them in the comments section below.

Thank you for helping us celebrate our physicians this Doctors’ Day and a very special thank you to every physician across our organization. You play a vital role in the health of our communities, and we appreciate all you do.


  1. Dr. Thai from Group Health is wonderful. She is always willing to take the extra few minutes to make a difference for her patients. Because she listens so very well to her patients she often can find out and treat issues that other MD’s have missed. Her positive personality and willingness to go above and beyond and her incredible assessment skills combine to make a provider that any patient would be lucky to have. She is supportive and always willing to share her knowledge with the staff.

  2. I would love to recognize two very special doctors here at NOPO Family medicine. I work with Dr. Mark Thompson who is a phenomenal provider to his patient’s. They wait for him because they know and realize that he spends a lot of time with them during their appointments. Dr. Thompson stepped down as the medical director and is scheduled to retire from practice June 10th of this year. It will be a sad day when this comes. He has been a true pleasure to work with. He is SO funny!! The new medical director is someone whom I started out working with, Dr. Matthew Breeze. He is an outstanding provider here at our clinic. He is an all around great man, collegue, and provider. He listens to everyone and treats us all with the upmost respect. He has a great sense of humor.

    We have so many great providers here at NOPO and it was hard to stick with just “two” to comment on. I am so lucky to call this place my home!!

  3. Wish I could send some kudos to my primary care doc at PacMed. Dr. Ashley Hamilton takes the time to really listen, is caring and respectful, does her research including reading all tests and results, including those done outside of PacMed. She treats me like an equal partner in my health care. She is an awesome physician.

  4. Can you add a link for PacMed? My PacMed PCP, Dr. Kathryn Pearson, is phenomenal. She is very positive, professional and thorough. She patiently answers any questions I have. She is always looking out for my total health, not just the condition I am presenting with. I feel that she listens to me and cares about my health. Her explanations are well thought out and easy to understand. I truly appreciate her!

  5. Dr. jim McHugh a Swedish physician at 1600 Jefferson has been my G.P. for 17 years. I have a quite complicated medical history and Jim has stayede on top of my progress with brilliant and timely diagnosis, immediate care, warm friendship, deep insight. He has become a friend who I honestly credit with keeping me alive through several bouts of uncertainty. My wife is his biggest fan!

  6. Dr. Ellen Juhl at Swedish West Seattle Primary Care is a thoughtful and caring superstar of a provider, one who actively partners with me to help me achieve my health goals. I recommend her to everyone I know!

  7. Working at a residency clinic, I work with many Dr’s that I adore, Residents Dr. Ing, Dr Seymour and Dr Gelfer always count on me to follow up with patients and they let me know I am appreciated. Our faculty Dr’s, Dr. Kai, Dr. Clark and super-endo Dr Stephens are inspiring and take care of their patients like they would take care of their mommas!! it’s very inspiring to work with them and I am so incredibly grateful to work here at PMG NE. Happy Doc’s day to all of you!

  8. The group of CellNetix pathologists who support the SWR are nothing short of phenomenal. They answer our calls from the lab, as well as those of other providers, to help patients at all hours of the day and night, and have been known to track down patients who need care and don’t realize it, convincing them to come in for care. They have gone the extra mile in spending significant time with patients who are trying to better understand their disease, or that of their families…..and they do not have hourly rates for this; they do not have office hours like a PCP, IM, etc. They do this because they care, and because these patients have needs they can fulfill. This is the essence of who they are, and I am very proud to be part of their team!

  9. I work with the greatest group of Radiologists ever! Dr Neubauer, Dr Eschbach, Dr Shaw, Dr Nason, and Dr Liu. They have the greatest compassion for our patients. They never stop supporting each of us who work in the Breast Center. Teaching, sharing, and praising. Their generosity in supporting Breast Cancer research and other cancer causes is insurmountable. It is truly an honor to work with them.

  10. Dr. Cory Bergey is an emergency physician, the department chair and the medical director at Providence Medford Medical Center’s Emergency Services. She is very inspiring and lives the mission every day. We now have both PA and MD/DO students rotating through our unit due to Dr. Bergey’s hard work. She is an inspiring person, and I wanted to make sure she is recognized on this doctors’ day. ♥♥♥

  11. Dr. Bradley Bryan, Med Dir UM in OR-is EXTRAORDINAIRE!! He is always there for us, backs us up, keeps us on the cutting edge and remains CALM. Not only is he an amazing resource for us in OR, he lends his expertise to the whole system of UM/CM. He is AMAZING!!
    Bev Jones, RN Regional Supervisor UM for the 8 OR ministries