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7 ways Providence contributes to a healthier planet

Healthy communities depend on a healthy planet. That’s why Providence is committed to respecting and caring for the environment around us. We are blessed that the people who choose to work for Providence share a passion for protecting Mother Nature and leaving the earth better than we […]

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Meet Lee Hood, our new chief science officer

Watch my latest webcast As you may have heard, we recently welcomed Lee Hood, M.D., Ph.D., and the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) into the Providence family. Lee is known for many important advances, including the development of the DNA sequencer and his groundbreaking work on the […]

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5 ways to help your family if you become seriously ill

We spend more time planning our summer vacations than we do planning for our inevitable journey from life. Sure, mapping that getaway to Maui is more fun than contemplating your own mortality. But failing to prepare for life’s final destination is like taking a trip without booking reservations […]

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