Meet Lee Hood, our new chief science officer

Watch my latest webcast

As you may have heard, we recently welcomed Lee Hood, M.D., Ph.D., and the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) into the Providence family. Lee is known for many important advances, including the development of the DNA sequencer and his groundbreaking work on the human genome project. He was awarded the National Medal of Science by President Obama in 2011 and started several biotech companies, including Amgen, Rosetta and Arivale.

We are excited to have him serve as the new senior vice president and chief science officer for Providence. I invited Lee to join me for a webcast last week to help clinicians and caregivers across Providence get to know him and hear his vision for the future of medicine and wellness. It was invigorating to talk with him. I hope you’ll take time to watch and share this video with your teams and colleagues.

  1. This is great! I can’t wait to watch where this adventure takes us. I just love listening to Dr. Hood’s excitement. I will definitely raise my hand to be a part of a study such as this. Thanks Dr. Hochman for keeping us informed of all the great things Providence is doing. I predict some exciting times a head for all of us!