Easing the way through Walgreens clinics, virtual visits and more

As I’ve said before, it’s an imperative that we improve the health of millions of more people in the communities we serve and that we do it through predictable access, experience, quality and price per individual. We’re making great progress on all these fronts, and today, I want to update you on the exciting work we’re doing to increase access to primary care.

In addition to traditional office visits, we’re easing the way of those we serve through an innovative suite of services that includes:

  • House calls using a mobile app to schedule a home visit
  • Virtual telehealth visits via your laptop or mobile device
  • Urgent care
  • Retail clinics at Walgreens and shopping areas

We’re implementing or piloting these services in select communities with the goal of eventually rolling them out across our system. We recently opened six more Express Care clinics at Walgreens in the Portland and Seattle areas, bringing us to a total of 12 Walgreens clinics and two freestanding retail clinics in high-traffic shopping centers.

So far, we’re getting great reviews. In my latest video, I show you easy it is make a same-day appointment at one of our Walgreens clinics or through a virtual visit.

Check out some of our latest offerings by visiting:


  1. Couldn’t access the virtual care, despite some very nice people at the support line, trying to help. Also, when I had tried a while ago to make an appt. with Providence online, I never heard back from anyone! It’s very frustrating, especially as my insurance ONLY covers services at Providence. I can’t even get in to see a Doctor!! My regular Physician left, and now I can only get appts with Nurse Practitioners…they’re very nice, but I’m being charged as if I’m seeing a doctor, and not really getting services as I would with a Physician…..I keep trying to see a Doctor, but am told that “they haven’t hired anyone yet.” So this past week, I went into the walk in clinic with a UTI, saw, again, a nurse practitioner (at full price)was given a script for antibiotics and a referral for a urologist…..The problem is, I finished the script, and still have the UTI….can’t wait until Tuesday to try and make an appt….so my only option is to return to the clinic, and pay pay pay again, for the same issue, as it’s not considered a follow up, as it would with a regular doctor visit. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

    • Thank you for sharing this feedback, Carla. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Someone will follow up with you via email to get more information.

  2. This is great for access to care. What are the plans to bring this to the North Coast in Oregon? We have a Walgreens in Warrenton. With our difficulty with access to care, despite our amazing walk-in clinics, this would be a great help.

    • We have plans to open more Express Cares across the Western U.S. Still evaluating the locations and timeline. More to come. Thank you for the comment.