Encourage friends and family to work for us

What I love most about Providence is the people who work here. We have an amazing group of caregivers. Not only are you incredibly talented. You also share a deep sense of compassion for others, especially the poor and vulnerable.

That’s what makes this such a special place to work, and I would love for more people to be a part of it. In fact, one of our aspirational goals is to see a day when we have a waiting list of individuals who want to join our organization.

At a time when qualified health care workers are in short supply, it is harder than ever to fill open positions, especially with many of our caregivers getting ready to retire. But if each of us spreads the word about what a special place this is, it could make all the difference in our recruiting efforts. It would give us a pipeline of talent and a deep-bench of permanent team members whom we could count on day in and day out.

Four ways you can help with our recruiting efforts

Do you know a former colleague who would be a great fit for our organization? What about a family member who has expressed interest in working for Providence, or a friend or neighbor who is looking for a new job? Be an ambassador for Providence. Here’s how:

1. Invite your family, friends and colleagues to come work for us

2. Encourage them to check out providenceiscalling.jobs

3. Tell them what inspires you about working here and what you love about your job

4. Post links to open positions on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

Our HR team has done a great job of improving the recruiting and onboarding process to ensure it is as seamless as possible for both internal and external candidates. But we all play a role in filling the pipeline. In fact, many of our best hires have come as referrals from our own caregivers. Learn how we’ve improved the hiring and internal transfer process – and what we can all do to help – in my latest video.

What attracted you to Providence? Share your stories

If you know talented people who are looking for more than just a job and want to be part of a mission that makes a difference, be sure to talk up Providence and encourage them to join our team. I’d also love to hear what first attracted you to Providence and what inspires you about working here? Share your stories below.

  1. I applied at Providence because I wanted a job where my work more directly improved people’s lives. I also wanted a job that was more on the cutting edge. Providence has a great balance between honoring the past and being a visionary for creating a better future.

    • Great comment, Rico. I couldn’t agree more that we do great job of both high tech and high touch. We need to tell that story more.

  2. I believe hearing responses from friends that have looked at our job site for a position that including the pay range would engourage more applicants to apply. Not many of us are willing to go through the rigors of online applications and specific cover letters when we do not know the range of pay. Now, saying that I was attracted to Providence for the Mission affording me the ability to apply my compassion in my daily responsibilities. I have been in the health care business for close to 40 years and Providence is the finest employer I have worked for in this field. I feel secure, inspired, challenged and truly cared for by my extended team and managment.

    • Like Cher I have heard that not knowing the pay range has turned friends away from applying. I too have looked at internal jobs and have declined applying because I didn’t know the pay range.

      • Thank you both for the feedback. I checked with HR about your suggestion. Here’s what they shared with me:

        “We did used to post ranges on selected job openings and found some great candidates wouldn’t apply because they assumed they’d be starting at the bottom. Others had unrealistic expectations about starting near the top, even if they had little experience. A typical salary range can be pretty wide. How much a candidate might be paid within the range is primarily determined based on factors specific to each candidate, like experience, education, skills, etc. Our approach now is to discuss salary ranges and expectations with qualified candidates during the initial interview. Waiting to discuss salary with qualified candidates during the initial interview helps to avoid any false assumptions about pay.”

    • Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your story. We are lucky to have so many people like you who bring compassion to your work everyday. Take care.

  3. I first applied at Providence because it’s in the top three largest employers in Walla Walla, and I knew they provided quality patient care. I didn’t get the first job I applied for, but i enjoyed meeting those who were involved in the interview process. Jenni Coleman, one of our fabulous recruiters, called to suggest I apply for a different job. I interviewed again, and learned more about the organization and the mission. Thankfully, I got that job, and have had three more great jobs in the six years I’ve been with Providence. The mission is the number one reason I’ve stayed – including a move to Portland – and the talented, compassionate people I get to work with are a close second.

    • This is a great story, Rhonda. Thanks for sharing.