Living with mental illness: Three stories that will inspire you

Nearly everyone is affected – or knows someone affected – by mental illness or addiction.  Yet, we tend not to talk about these issues openly as a society.

That’s what makes this video so powerful. It tells the story of three remarkable individuals and families who share their journey through some painful chapters in life:

  • A gentleman in Laguna Beach, Calif., who fell into a deep depression after the onset of mid-life blindness and a subsequent divorce from his wife
  • A pre-schooler in West Los Angeles with separation anxiety so severe, she would have panic attacks  that made her fearful of going to school
  • A young woman in Alaska who turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the trauma of sexual abuse

They explain how they found support – and hope – through caregivers and programs within the Providence St. Joseph Health family. The ministries that served these individuals included St. Joseph Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, Providence St. John in Santa Monica and Providence Alaska Regional Medical Center in Anchorage. They represent just a few of the incredible programs and services our caregivers deliver in communities across the Western United States.

As we embark on our commitment to improve mental health and wellness in our communities, these stories are a powerful reminder of how critical the need is.  They also remind us that everyone faces some type of challenge in life and how important it is to show compassion and love for every person we meet.

  1. I am so grateful that Providence is becoming a leader in Mental Health reform. Having two adult children with Schizophrenia myself, I know the difficulties these patients and their families encounter getting proper care, and compassion. I have long hoped Providence would take a stand for them. Thank you!

  2. Very moving and powerfully done stories to share with ones who have experienced these tramadic events and with the families of those who have no place to turn to for help.
    I’m very, very grateful to see this in a focused direction Providence is now moving with mental health. Every family has had some experience with mental health or has a family member affected by it and it’s still very hard to not only deal with that member, but also to watch them never receive the help and proper diagnosis they need to be mentally stable.
    I hope this will bring wide-spread attention and help to those seeking to maintain good treatment.
    Thank you for showing these and the articles on Mental Diagnosis Myths too.