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Providence celebrates 160 years: Share your story

Only a small percent of all organizations in this country have made it past 100 years old. Rarer still are longstanding organizations founded by women. It’s amazing to think that Providence St. Joseph Health is a combination of two not-for-profit health systems founded by women well over a century […]

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Understanding the election and what it may mean for our organization and the health care industry

Like you, I’ve been thinking about last week’s election results and what they might mean for health care in the United States, particularly when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I’ve received questions from caregivers who are wondering whether the ACA will be altered or […]

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Creating a 10 times better online experience

Digital innovation is one of our key strategies for the future. Learn how Providence St. Joseph Health is working to create a 10 times better online experience in this brief video with Aaron Martin, our executive vice president and chief digital and innovation officer. Aaron also talks […]

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